Social Media Marketing


Twenty years ago, if someone told me that they wanted to make videos and post online as a profession, I would have chuckled, for one, I would have been very young to understand what that means, and two, YouTube was also not developed till then. But even ten years ago, it still seemed an outrageous idea. Yet here we are today, people making millions of dollars on the platform, their videos being watched by billions, and a new form of stardom is realized.

What this rapid rate of transition has done is, it has altered or fastened the predictions of change or, at least, the acceptance of it. Give me an outlandish view of the future today, and I am willing to consider it as one of the many possibilities. As we deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are now extra aware of how important virtual presence is and how brands need multiple channels to keep in touch with and service their customers. A website is a must, and the social media presence is equally influential and essential. They are part of the same ecosystem; one gives power to the other. So, first, let’s see why your business must be on social media.


Different products have different sales cycles. Some offer more experimental liberty than others. However, it is imperative that the consumer recognizes the brand or product in every case. We usually like products or things, or even people or places we know about. There’s a bias for knowledge or even an illusion of it. Social media helps you put your brand in front of your audience, tell them its story, show its personality, and build recognition.


As we saw in the above point, brand awareness is likely to increase your sales by increasing recognition. Plus, you can use social media to launch new products, give offers, get feedback, run promotions, and generate leads.


Social media helps build a loyal following. It’s an excellent medium to connect with your audience, listen to their needs, understand their behavior and reactions to your products and messaging.


Now, for the second point, how you can use social media to get more traffic to your website.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, your website and social media are both parts of the same ecosystem. They can be used to fuel each other. It makes having a social media presence more critical. Here are some ways social media can help bring more visitors to your website.


There are two ways visitors can come to your website, one by searching for a particular keyword and finding your link (passive approach). You can also actively search for your website on Google. This is also an active approach that can get you some amazing results. The third is a link you provide with a promise to give value (both of these are active approaches). You can encourage your audience to visit your website by utilizing social media, which will bring more visitors and traffic to your site. Getting more visitors to your website with social media is a great way to engage your audience. Though it doesn’t mean SEO is not important, in fact, it is also a way to contribute to a good SEO score.


Whenever you have content that can be beneficial to your audience in terms of entertainment, knowledge, answers, or anything valuable, it can be shared on your social channels to attract a larger audience and increase readership. You can also earn more subscribers by simply increasing the visibility of your post and providing genuine value.


Social media has given rise to a new form of stardom, where anyone with skills can amass a loyal following. You can contact relevant influencers to promote your product to their thousands of followers. This can significantly increase curiosity about your product and bring more traffic to your channels and website.


You can create groups of ideal customers and run targeted campaigns. Social media offers flexibility to test variations of the same campaign and see which works best. The targeted marketing and flexibility help improve the ROI and bring down the overall cost. You can reach more people and a greater target group by paying for posts, which will drive more traffic to your website and hopefully increase conversions.

Everyone is an asset in Social Media.