Products Awareness

Why should your
customers buy
from you? 5 unique
ways to tell why.

Aarav, a mid-twenties working male, is bored with his four-year-old completely outdated mobile phone and is on a lookout for a new one. He browses the internet and finds out that every other phone has the best camera ever in a smartphone and is feature-rich. He asks his friends for a suggestion—he gets another, “Oh, that’s the best camera phone and has the coolest features for five different phones from five different people. ”
He is baffled and troubled with indecisiveness. And there on the television, he sees you launching a new smartphone. His ears attentive, his eyes hooked, and mind invested, excited he bends toward the TV to hear—“And we’re launching our new smartphone with THE BEST CAMERA EVER.”
You are not fishing in a lake full of wandering fishes but are in a race to unhook the competitor’s to make your meal. You better be swift. The consumer is overwhelmed with information, redundancy, and uninteresting propositions
Let us deep dive and briefly explore a few key mediums that reach out to your potential audience:


Living the brand experience

We start with immersing ourselves into your brand experience, engaging with your existing materials, product info, customer reviews, different channels, and obviously, with you. It helps us get a deep understanding of your brand and where we’re headed.


Finding the spark.

To create something fascinating, first, you have to be fascinated. Immersion helps us find the brand adjective, the soul, its charm. And once we’re engrossed in the story, we make sure the world listens to it.


Brainstorming ideas to launch the brand

After we’ve found the brand’s adjective, its unique story, we strategize to find the best possible ways to tell that to the world. We research competitors, the market situation, and present our proposition uniquely.


Creating possibilities.

Once we’ve found our message and platforms we are marketing it on, we make prototypes, design samples. We test it internally, eliminating everything average, and sending you the approved designs


Testing it on the ground.

After your approval, we implement the strategy cohesively. We make sure that we benefit from trends, posting time, location, and all factors affecting your brand.


Evaluating the efforts.

Once we launch our plan, we simultaneously evaluate its effectiveness. We check reports and match those against competitors; we see what worked and what fell flat, and find out the reasons why. We then adjust our strategy, and advertise accordingly, until we reach our targets.

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