Agriculture – Digital Marketing

Importance of digital marketing in the agriculture sector

Digital integration of businesses has shown its wonders in every sector. The advantages of digital marketing for the agriculture sector and other sectors are acknowledged by every person now. As the technology used in agriculture has updated with the latest innovations, so should marketing in agribusiness.

Post-Covid 19, business operations have changed for all sectors. The increased popularity of digital practices has given rise to the scope of development in online presence for all businesses. Right now, the agricultural world has the lowest adoption rate for digital marketing at 78%. Comparatively, other industries average 88% as of now. It might reach 100% with the upcoming new terminologies that would create a robust evolution in the Digital Marketing Industry.


Agribusiness and farming businesses tend to rely more on traditional and established business growth strategies. But the depth of Digital Marketing has a wide array of services that can evolve your business into a brand. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search Advertising offer result-oriented benefits for long-term business. These proven strategies use algorithms that work differently on each social platform to give desirable outputs.

50% population comprises people involved in agriculture and its other accompanying sectors, presenting a significant opportunity for you to apply a 360-degree marketing approach.

‘Digital Marketing’ introduces your products/services to your prospective targeted audience through the medium of different digital platforms/portals. It helps you intensify the growth opportunities because you can reach into the corners of the world as the digital world is not limited up to certain boundaries.

Digital marketing is one consistent platform to learn about your consumers and build a relationship with them. Digital Marketing efforts help you with a deep analysis of all the parameters like age group, demographics, content, blogs, and much more. The output is a digital marketing strategy that will pay off in the long run.

Let us deep dive and briefly explore a few key mediums that reach out to your potential audience:

Website and E-commerce platform

The E-commerce platform is popular in the online industry as it has innumerable advantages. Developing an e-commerce website is the best way to stamp your digital identity and create a platform for sales. 

You can display your range of products and services for people to watch, buy, and review on the website portal. You can include a payment portal for ease of use for you and the consumer. As very few agribusinesses own an e-commerce website or platform, you will have a considerable advantage if you initiate a setup. You can hire a design and development digital marketing agency that offers various web development services to help you with the same.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing collectively brings into use different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Quora, YouTube and LinkedIn to promote your business, boost sales and link your target audience to the website. Through posting creative and engaging content, you will be able to attract your target audience, build your audience base and establish loyalty for your brand identity that will make your business thrive for years to come.

Paid Advertising

Once you take your business online, your next implementation step is to make yourself trustworthy and noticed so that people get interested and buy your products. You have access to spend money on advertising and placing your website page on top of search engine results. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the prevalent and effective processes that drive traffic to your website. Paid advertising helps you target an exact audience and directly influence them to take an action, thus increasing your probability of converting prospects into high-paying customers.

Google Ads

It is one of the most common ways of PPC wherein you pay to get featured in top results on Google Search Engines. You can approach digital marketing agencies to help you and gain high returns on your investment. The Paid campaigns run through ads on Facebook, Twitter, and sponsored ads on LinkedIn are a few other forms of PPC.

Content Marketing

Content creation involves blogs, videos, infographics, and every form of communication that promotes a brand and summons interest in its products or services. You can use content ideas to educate your audience on different topics related to the agriculture sector or use buyer journeys to lead them into buying what you have to offer. Targeted content marketing can also establish and maintain the loyalty of your customer. The content marketing efforts should demonstrate your business expertise and help you generate organic traffic for your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting featured in the top three organic results of a search engine is a massive achievement. SEO helps identify your customer search intent and implement that through various techniques across your digital presence. Some factors are content, diversion rate, inconsistency in the flow of the website, etc. SEO helps you rank your website at the top by guiding you on what changes you should make or which plugins you must update. 


All the Continuous development policies offered by the Government in the rural areas will help integrate digital marketing strategies for your brand. The increase in literacy rate and expansion of agricultural infrastructure will create greater scope for better employment opportunities. 


We can safely say that the agribusiness sector is swiftly moving towards adopting digital marketing. Initiatives like the ‘Digital India Movement’ will encourage more and more people to join the digital world. Thus, the transformation of rural India to a digital India isn’t too far.

Go Digital, Expand Global!