The pandemic has hit us hard, all of us. Our social, economic and cultural structures have been flailing one way or another ever since the beginning of these constant curfews and quarantines. Losses have been huge, recoveries have been limited. The unpredictable nature of events that transpired has left many businesses wondering about their next move.

However, we cannot stand back and do nothing. As a business, if unpredictability is the norm of our times, then we have to work our way around it and figure out solutions to overcome the challenges.

One of the most pivotal ways to bridge the gap between the business and its consumer is through a major revamp of the marketing process. A simple consideration of the fact that consumer buying habits have changed will go a long way in ensuring that you always stay ahead. So, we have compiled a list of things you can do to market your business amidst this pandemic whilst considering the uncertainty of the future.

An Online Presence

A Necessity

In 2021, pandemic or not, it goes without saying that an online presence is essential. Whatever the form, shape or size of your business, an online presence lets people know about your existence. Moreover, an online presence does not necessarily mean that you must have a full fledged, all round online working mechanism where you’re available on multiple social channels, and also have a website, and also video channels etc like YouTube and Vimeo. 

 Simply, an online presence will put you in the same space as that of your customer. So, all you have to do is find online spaces which are frequented by your customers. Check out to understand the concept of space in terms of digital marketing. Especially in these unprecedented times of Covid 19, going an extra mile to be in the same space as your customer will build trust and recall for your brand image.

The Enhancements

An online presence needs to be enhanced and adjusted according to what’s happening around us. And what’s happening around us is the pandemic, which is depressing, has resulted in huge losses of life and livelihoods. Hence, the enhancement of the online marketing strategy becomes a need. For eg: since the pandemic, pictures with social interaction have gone down to a minimum, and instead we see pictures of clean hands and sanitisation methods.


All good brands understand that they are first catering to the lives of their customers rather than aggressively promoting their product. The product, at this time, needs to be creatively integrated with messaging that revolves around the current scenarios. Identifying trends and facts is necessary. Take videos into consideration. Even before the pandemic, videos were gaining massive appeal and viewership and ever since the pandemic, the video viewership has expanded exponentially. There are a plethora of ideas for you to explore. Keep your brand in the centre and present it w.r.t everything that is happening around in our world. Enhance and adjust.

Customer Service Verticals

The Requirement

Since when did customer service become a part of brand marketing? We say that it has since the pandemic has hit us. At the moment, the way your customer service reps deal with the customers can make or break the customers morale to stay connected with your brand. While that statement is true for pre-Covid times, its effectiveness has multiplied at least tenfold during this grim Covid era.


It has become a more challenging job for a business to take account of their customer service reps as everyone has moved to working from home. However, it is imperative to take accountability, be patient and empathetic with the customer and assure them that you are more than capable of doing the job. The customer is smart. They understand what is going on, and if you treat them like they don’t, they will snap. Ensure that you give the customers proper information, set timelines that you can deliver on and then deliver. The exponential factor of importance will then work in your way and the customer will not only stay connected to your brand, but will also recommend it.

The Verticals

Importance of customer service in this era cannot be echoed enough. With that, more importance should be given to explore various other verticals now. If your brand only has tele customer service, then it is time to move to verticals like SMS and Email. If it was only SMS and Email, you might want to consider setting up and infrastructure for telecommunications. At this point the vertical that you absolutely cannot ignore is digital.

Digital verticals, especially social media channels are the closest thing to personal interaction that you can have with the customers. What’s more? It’s fun. Social media channels allow you the flexibility to experiment and be creative with your communication, even while addressing serious customer concerns. Apart from that, grievances registered on sites like Google or Glassdoor must be responded to in an orderly manner. Customer Service in this era of pandemic plays a huge role in marketing your brand’s image and identity through direct communication.

Online Ads

Target Acquisition

Online ads were created to propel your ascension in the social channels to a reach beyond your competitors. The ads give you the opportunity to fix your sights on the target segment you want to acquire. But now more than ever, they carry a significance which could not have been predicted. Many companies have either paused or halted their efforts to put money into online advertisements, which is why the space has opened again like it was new. 

For eg: PPC ad volume is down by over 50%, which paves the way to garner leads at more reasonable cost. And although this seems enticing, you must tread carefully because there is still a lot of competition for highly used keywords. Besides, Google has also restricted ads around pandemic-related keywords. Apart from  PPC, Facebook ads, which are also cheap, provide a rich possibility to enhance your reach and gain more leads for your website. With little investment, Online ad space presents an opportunity for you to grow your business and be the first choice for your customers.


The subjective nature of each business may require different, innovative solutions to tackle a variety of obstacles. However, the ways of reaching out to the consumer and being empathetic and patient to their hardships are similar for all businesses. We hope that you will be able to use some of the above knowledge to enhance your marketing and gain more and more success. 

We wish safety for you and your family. Practice social distancing, wear masks and follow other covid related norms.