Aarav, a mid-twenties working male, is bored with his four-year-old completely outdated mobile phone and is on a lookout for a new one. He browses the internet and finds out that every other phone has the best camera ever in a smartphone and is feature-rich. He asks his friends for a suggestion—he gets another, “Oh, that’s the best camera phone and has the coolest features for five different phones from five different people.” He is baffled and troubled with indecisiveness. And there on the television, he sees you launching a new smartphone. His ears attentive, his eyes hooked, and mind invested, excited he bends toward the TV to hear—“And we’re launching our new smartphone with THE BEST CAMERA EVER.”

You are not fishing in a lake full of wandering fishes but are in a race to unhook the competitor’s to make your meal. You better be swift. The consumer is overwhelmed with information, redundancy, and uninteresting propositions. Unless you are clever with your methods, there’s a rare chance of someone turning their head to get a glimpse of what you have to say. But don’t lose hope just yet. Here are some ways to get across your message interestingly and engagingly.


The regular is shaken by the waves of disruption, the new, the unknown. Give people what they least expect, put them in a fix, question their box, the existing ideas, make them think, challenge the status quo. If done right, chances are you’ll get some loyal followers who are in alignment with your ideology. But the question remains, how? Well, the first step is always an inner dive. Know who you are, what you are selling, and why? After you’ve segmented yourself in specific terms, research your industry, how it’s currently operating, what’s the common word, how it’s spread? The biggest mistake people do is  check their competitors and do exactly what they’re doing. That has no value. Hence, check and disrupt. Say what you’ve got to say, and say it like it’s never been said before. Here are some advertisements with compelling messaging.


Most have not gone before. Use guerilla marketing techniques to your benefit. Intelligently use the surrounding to promote your brand and engage the customers. How?

Know your target audience, where you can find them, what kind of activities would they engage in, what is likely to be their routine? After you’ve done your research, intersect your idea with their routine, swiftly merge the two.

For example, if your target audience travels by bus. You can use the bus elements to convey
your message. Like IWC, a watchmaker in Berlin did. They turned handles into watches and
wrote—Try it here.

See the ad

For more guerilla marketing ideas


Virtual presence is a must, enough said.

Reach more people online with less investment. The benefit of online marketing is refined and acutely targeted marketing.

The problem?

Too many people swim in the same pool. Again you’ll have to repeat point one and two plus follow the guidelines of different social channels for more effective marketing.

We’ll talk about that in a separate post.

For now, remember, online promotions have immense benefits. A business not having a website doesn’t seem reliable; even a business with a poorly designed website loses the trust of its potential customers.

According to the Stanford web credibility report, 75% of users admit judging the credibility of a business by its website.

So, make sure you tick all the right boxes and not just for the sake of it but because you have something important to say.


Make the consumer interact with your product or service.

Just a bland message that shouts give us your money is the easiest way to go downhill; you have to give your audience more, more creativity, more engaging stuff.

You can engage your audience on social media or outdoors, choose what suits your business. How?

On social media, you can create posts that call for engagement, that are interesting enough to halt the mindless scrolling and interactive enough to make the viewer engage with them.

You can run the following types of engagement posts.

Polls – Let’s suppose you own a restaurant. Then, you can run a survey as simple and general as

Burger or Pizza?

Quizzes If you do it right, they are a great way to catch attention and engage the customer.

For example, if you’re a florist, you can run – “What type of flowers you should gift your girlfriend based on her personality?” or many other quizzes.

Here are some great examples of companies using quizzes for promotion

Contests – They instill a competitive spirit, pinches curiosity, and generate interest.

And it all multiplies if there’s a good prize for the winner.

For example, – if you run a cafe, then you can have a contest on coffee trivia, and the winner can get free coffee.

Give Offers – They are naturally appealing, according to a study, the loss makes us sadder than an equal sum of benefit makes us happy, and that’s why we find it hard to turn away from an enticing offer.

It can be anything valuable like getting 50% off on lunch or buy one get one free. The best examples can be Uber Eats, Zomato, etc.

Apart from social media, you can swing your creative metal or hire us to do it for you, and create some engaging outdoor interactive ads.

Check some out here

Disruption is Coming, Be a Part of it.

The next big thing in marketing is VR and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).

What is it?

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment created with software to make the user experience it as reality.

Best examples in Virtual Reality marketing

Augmented Reality is using technology to superimpose information like sound, objects, text in the real-world environment.

Best examples in Augmented Reality marketing

It’s too much thinking, we know.

That’s why leave it on us, while you focus on other essential aspects of your business.

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