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Techo Electra

Techo Electra is one of the well-known electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India & is a symphony of modern technologies, unapologetic design aesthetics and untethered quality.


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To work on branding, social media optimization and outdoor publicity. To generate a constant engagement for the brand.


It is a herculean task to create and promote a brand which is into electric two-wheelers. Especially in a market where other brands which run on petrol are aggressive. But it was taken as a challenge and everything that is required for a brand to thrive fell in place. Optimist worked on its branding relentlessly and also created strategies for its digital and outdoor marketing campaigns. We designed their hoardings for nationwide promotional campaigns and enhanced their social media presence through steady yet strikingly innovative campaign posts. Today Techo Electra is expanding its horizons to every nook and corner of our country.

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